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Release Notes 14/02/10 - Build 1532

The following issues have recently been resolved:

Added the newly formatted ABE Program Scorecard.

Removed footnote that states “Core 40 credits earned versus total students” from the Performance Incentive Invoice Report.

Fixed Error message that appeared when entering an SSN on a Teacher’s Record.

Made the following fields black on the teacher record:  Certification #, Service Date, and Expiration Date. Also removed the red colored vertical line from the entire certificate area.

Fixed notification message on the Views-Teachers grid that shows up when adding professional development.

Removed EL Civics header information from the bottom of the first page.

Removed the NRS Table Include field from the location records.

Made the pass radio button for the student to receive the Trans to PS incentive an automatic mark rather than manual.

Added two new options to the Clone Session dialog; both are checkboxes. One is: “Include Current Enrollments” and the other one is “Advance Students to Next Grade Level.

Other internal items.