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Release Notes 13/6/7 - Build 1385

The following issues have recently been resolved

Issues with labels – change students from read-only access so that individuals can change the data.

Modified the following screens to add “Read-Only” dialog box:  Web Client/Views/courses/ABE Courses Edit Form; Web Client/View/students/ABE/ABEStudentsEdit Demographics Control. Web Client/Views/students/studentseditschoolsattendedcontrol; Webclient/views/students/abestudentseditform; web Client/views/teachers/abeteachersgeneralcontrol;

Updated the read only flag to show when a demographic record is marked as read only.

Changed Reimbursement for Outcomes report to Performance Incentive Report; Change Reimbursement for Outcomes Invoice to Performance Incentive Invoice; and Reimbursement for Outcomes Summary Graph to Performance Incentive Summary Graph.

Expanded dropdown field for education status on the intake wizard. Show Alternate Credential listed after high school diploma.

Added a label on the bottom left of the enrollment panet for Conducting Program.

Removed intake location field from intake/demo tab; remove intake location field form the student edit/demo tab; on the ABE grids that display students show the header course location.

Updated the Student DupCombine field to include StudentId that go down two levels.

Reset Table 4 for IWP Corrections/IDOC so students would show as enrolled. Should be able to reset the program.

Other internal items.