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Release Notes 13/5/3 - Build 1338

The following items have been resolved:

E-mail field in Adult Ed Client is set up to open a new outlook message and create an e-mail item when clicking on the e-mail address.

When user searches for a SSN, INTERS searches entire database, not just locations tied to the user accounts.

Added Registered and enrolled filters to ABE inters.

Added new report called “Table 5 Negative” that contains students who are counting in the cohort but not as achieved for each measure listed.

Can now update a SSN number that is missing when the student has an ABE record and a CTE record.

Test errors are now arranged in order so that “out of range” will be the first test error listed.

Yellow error box does not appear when adding STN or SSN.

When duplicate flag for a student is set, INTERS shows menu items for Search for Dups of this student.

Enlarged screen in the reports section under the NRS tables so more of the table titles show up.

Added new columns to the Reimbursement for Outcomes detailed-short  report.  2884

Rapid Entry Attendance is now saving when adding hours.

Other internal items.