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Release Notes 2012-5-3, Build #947

The following has been updated:

     Corrected Spelling on EL Civics Fiscal Reimbursement Form and ABE Fiscal Reimbursement Form.

Added the capability to export the current invoice status of the fiscal agents.  Added Export Grid.

On Student Intake Screen, add Initial Credits and ASC Type and Postsecondary tool. Change Labels to red. Added App Date to missing fields logic.

              Add AE Grant Number and ELC Grant Number under invoicing.

          Enrolled in employment/training plan deleted from demographic screen.

          Move ASC and Accuplacer & Compass to a new tab called "ASC/PostSec.

          Removed ECA Test Scores on ABE Student Edit Testing Control and added ECA Test

          Scores to ABE Student Edit ASC/Postsecondary Control.