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Release Notes 13/09/16 - Build 1460

The following issues have recently been resolved:

Added checkbox to the Rapid Entry Attendance tab to clear all hours.

Added the word “State” to Total so it lists State Total on the Program Metrics Report.

Added zip code field to the Student Achieve GED Report under local on the reports section.

Changed the order of the ABE Program and Region Metric slides back to their original positions.

When adding a new site program record to a student, the new site program record automatically becomes the selected record to start working in.

Fixed grid references in the ABE Course Edit and the grid name issue on the Student Search Panel.

Updated the student general tab so when a comment is made, the tab will turn green.

Added Course name and needs pre-test or post-test label on the tasks-testing screen exported grid.

Fixed the calculations on the student testing screen so when a student receives money for the transition to the PS bundle, the ASC/Postsec Screen will show the test scores and mark this as passed as long as the scores are entered correctly and meet the requirements of the performance incentive schedule.

Fixed adding teacher to session issue so there is no error message appearing. Also, when in CTE mode, changed the labels for course code and course name to session code and session name.

Other internal items.