Release Notes 2013-03-10
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Release Notes 2013-03-10

The following items have been resolved:

Attendance sheet and enrollment sheet fixed in data base for discrepancy between two teachers.

Postsecondary core indicators were added to the bottom of the postsecondary rollup sheet.

Added ABE Testing Report of Active Students.

Improperly imported Postsecondary data was cleaned up for the 0910 updated remedial records.

Added the WorkIndiana Enrollments by Region Report and WorkIndiana Stats by Region report to the system.

Made Postsecondary date field red on the followup screen so that it is required.

Fixed “No Term” filter in the ABE WebClient filters.

Fixed the “Transmission Error” when trying to add an enrollment or withdraw from a session.

Modified the code on the export tool for Access to include active and inactive student records on the “grid” tables.

Other internal items.